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Many of the poems written by Emily Dickinson reflect on how she felt about death because it was such an influence in her life. Because she lost close people to her such as her mother, father, nephew, lover, and many friends, Emily took advantage of her talents to write poetry as a way to express her feelings towards death; readers of her poetry can see the influences her life had on what she wrote about. Authors of poetry often write to express such feelings that they have about their life. Whether it is to have a hobby, do something for , or to express one’s feelings, everyone has their own motive.

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Convince your reader further. You will need at least three arguments that support your thesis for a good argumentative essay. Poems in the era of romantics are known for the richness of syntax, so you can write about how the poets structured their poems in that era and explain why that makes the poems good.

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Form a thesis. As you will be expected to weigh the pros and the cons about your thesis all through your essay, be able to defend it with clear and factual arguments. Your thesis can, for example, be, "The most memorable poems were written in the romantic era."As with poetry, story and essay writers may sometimes be awarded prizes for their work by the publisher (but there’s no guarantee). Story and essay writers can also compete to win a publishing contract for a collection of their writing. Please see our “How much money will I make writing poems” section above for more information on writing contests. can help you submit your novel or book to agents; we can help you target your poetry, short stories, and essays to the best-suited literary journals. Some writers may go on to make a significant amount of money on their writing, but we can’t guarantee writers a big income. What we can promise is that our clients have more time to write because we tackle the submission process for them, making it more effective and increasing their odds of publication. We help our writers so that literary agents and editors with significant budgets will take them more seriously. How much money you’ll make writing poems, stories, and novels or books ultimately depends on your talent and stamina. If you love writing and want more time to write, Writer’s Relief can help.The key to a strong introduction for an essay is the hook or attention grabber. The hook comes at the very beginning of the essay, and its job is to draw the reader in and get them interested in what you have to say. For an essay about poetry you may choose to start with a line or two from the poem, but make sure you refer to the lines at some point in the essay. Another option is to write an interesting statement about the poem’s place in culture or history. Alternately, you could write a rhetorical question that gets the reader thinking about the context of the poem.Contemporary poetry, with its frequent disregard for writing conventions, presents difficulty. And that difficulty is typically met with hostility. Often, the poem's composition seems haphazard. Because of this, students assume that either the poet doesn't have a purpose, or that the poet has written with the express purpose of baffling the reader. No wonder students often exhibit frustration, even anger, when asked to consider contemporary poetry.