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True friendship is marked by a sense of honesty and unselfishness. A true friend is one who is prepared even to sacrifice his life for the sake of his friend and prepared to meet all kinds of dangers and difficulties. There should be no disbelief, no suspicion in friendship.

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So what is friendship? For every two (or more) people who cherish their friendship this word will have its unique meaning full of tiny nuances and shared memories, or common interests and hard times successfully overcome in a rope team. Generally, friendship is liking and cherishing particular people for some reason like common interests or similar characters. Sometimes true friendship may be seen as readiness to help and comfort a friend any time anywhere. Or else, friendship may be perceived as a unique right to tell a person the unpleasant truth that cannot be said by anyone else. Friendship may include all abovementioned elements and hundreds of other small details that make people consider each other friends. Friends will be friends in any circumstances, as most songs and movies say.

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Like the friendship of utility, this type of relationship is fleeting and target of constant change. Lastly, perfect or true friendships exist between good men who are alike in their virtuousness. These types of people are hard to come by and it takes a lot of work to have a complete virtuous friendship regardless of utility or pleasure. However, “such a friendship is, as might be expected, permanent, since there meet in it all the qualities that friends should have” (Aristotle 149). By using Aristotle’s

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