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I don't understand WHY people think television is bad!
Television keeps you updated, People need and want to know what's happening around the world or what temperature it is, right.
You wouldn't get the weather in the newspaper would you?
News on television is much faster to access than a newspaper.
I am 98.5% sure that newspapers are sent out every Sunday.
I personally think that television is good for you!

7 Reasons Why TV Can Be Good for Children Television Is not necessarily a bad thing

Where kids are concerned, TV and movies get a bad rap, but with healthy viewing habits and parental supervision, limited “screen time” can be a positive experience for children.

Free Essays on Is Tv Bad For You

This essay you are reading will tell you that watching tv is not good for you

Scaremongering about the negative effects of children’s TV-watching is not new. But in our busy lives it’s more and more tempting to let your child watch television for half an hour or so while you tidy up, wash up, make phone calls, pay your bills or simply take a moment to sit down.

We believe in television as a medium that does good, we believe in television as a medium that triggers imagination, arises curiosity, encourages education and gathers millions around common interests. Here are nine good reasons why we should celebrate television today.