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In addition, social media platforms have become extremely aware of their users and collect information about their viewers to connect with them in various ways. Social-networking website Facebook Inc. is quietly working on a new advertising system that would let marketers target users with ads based on the massive amounts of information people reveal on the site about themselves. This may be an unethical or ethical feature to some individuals. Some people may react negatively because they believe it is an invasion of privacy. On the other hand, some individuals may enjoy this feature because their social network recognizes their interests and sends them particular advertisements pertaining to those interests. Consumers like to network with people who have interests and desires that are similar to their own. Individuals who agree to have their social media profile public, should be aware that advertisers have the ability to take information that interests them to be able to send them information and advertisements to boost their sales. Managers invest in social media to foster relationships and interact with customers. This is an ethical way for managers to send messages about their advertisements and products to their consumers.

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...In recent times, marketing has been looking to the internet as an as of yet improperly utilized tool. More and more businesses are becoming interested in the use of social media not only to market, but also to gain a better connection with their consumers. What is the reason for this? What advantages do social media hold that businesses are beginning to find value in? Perhaps it is the ease of access, or the relatively low cost compared to traditional marketing avenues. What kind of value can be found in social media? It is exceedingly popular among teenagers and young adults, and has a good userbase of adults as well. This by itself is a strength; a huge number of people use social media every day. Additionally, social media sites are very easy to join and use. Most offer free membership, only requiring the user to have an internet connection. This gives it an advantage over television marketing campaigns, as there’s not a requirement that the people intended to see an advertisement to own equipment, or pay for a monthly subscription to a service. Additionally, consumers can use public computers to get the same effect, whether it’s in a public library, or a school computer lab. Most importantly, however, is the social bleed-through that can be observed. Social media is not something done alone at home. It’s done everywhere; in grocery stores, barber shops, on-the-go. This also lends to the mobility of social media, which in turn allows for social media marketing to...

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Facebook – Giving client backing can be lavish and lengthy. Be that as it may, Social Media Marketing with Facebook, you are given an outlet to feasibly take care of client issues. With the convenience to post on your Facebook wall or send private messages, clients can interface specifically to organizations if and when they have an issue or criticism. Facebook a leading interpersonal communication site that also allows you to post photographs and features special offers, and to say that’s only the tip of the iceberg

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In 2012, it was reported that in the past few years, the niche social network has steadily grown in popularity, thanks to better levels of user interaction and engagement. In 2012, a survey by Reuters and research firm Ipsos found that one in three users were getting bored with Facebook and in 2014 the GlobalWebIndex found that this figured had risen to almost 50%. The niche social network offers a specialized space that's designed to appeal to a very specific market with a clearly defined set of needs. Where once the streams of social minutia on networks such as Facebook and Twitter were the ultimate in online voyeurism, now users are looking for connections, community and shared experiences. Social networks that tap directly into specific activities, hobbies, tastes and lifestyles are seeing a consistent rise in popularity. Niche social networks such as for and for . These social platforms offer brands a rich space in which to engage with their target market and build awareness.