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While the debate over whether students really benefit from a shorter school week rages on, it's apparent that the trend isn't going away anytime soon. In an effort to gain more insight into the pros and cons, the CreditDonkey team has assembled a list of the 23 most interesting statistics surrounding the four-day school week.

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Another possible argument against year-round school is that students would have fewer days of learning because just when they would be getting into things, a break would come. I can see this point because we would be having one right in the middle of our current school schedule. But the actual learning time would increase. After breaks, the students would be refreshed and ready to listen better. Also, students won’t have to relearn what they forget over the summer since they would only be out of school for three weeks at a time. When they return after these short breaks, they would be ready to pick up where they left off.

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Shorter weeks at school essay weeks at school essay. 24. Introduction and Conclusion. The introduction of a persuasive essay or paper.

Benefits of the Four Day School Week. : Problem of the FourDay School Schedule Essay direct correlation between the shorter week and improvement.

3. It offers more free time.
Another big advantage of 4-day school weeks is that it allows children to have more free time on their hands pursue their interests and to be active. Typically, the traditional school week leave very little extra time for students, while shortened one allows for the academic calendar in the US to correlate with that of other countries. Having students to study in only 4 days a week would simply maximize their time in the classroom and will free up an extra whole day throughout the week.It added that Milton Keynes Academy has six terms of six weeks, with a shorter summer holiday and two-week holiday in October and the David Young Academy in Leeds has a seven-term school year which starts in June.4. It improves attendance.
Research performed on student attendance in 4-day week schools shows that attendance has improved as a result. The main reason for this is that many parents would schedule doctor’s appointments on off days, and students would simply improve their attendance when there are lesser days accounted for, which means that they would make out of their school schedule if school weeks are shortened. It seems that they would take advantage of the available days in the classroom and are less likely to be absent.A long vacation for two or three months will give students a longer period of time to relax. In these months, they tend to go on holidays with their families or friends in the first month, spend the next two week for computer games and then have nothing to do after six weeks without school. Students usually want to play hard after a long, tired academic year and leave all their textbooks on the bookshelves until the next year (for some students, they even keeps books under their beds!). When a new school year starts, they will easily lose their interests in studying after months no study. It takes them quite a long time to adjust to school again. Parents usually hear their children say that they had forgot everything teachers taught them at the beginning of a semester. The reason is that they had lost all their interests (and some of their last year knowledge) in studying during the long vacation. However, a few short vacations during semesters will not take students much time to get used to school work again. They only have enough time to take a break and then continue studying.I am writing you this letter to propose a little something that in the long run, might change our educational system. I am proposing that we shorten our school year by 40 days. Also that all schools high schools have day instead of semesters and a set schedule. I believe that this will greatly help us as students to relax and have time to have fun again before school start. We currently have 190 days of school everywhere (180 in Quebec) But I believe that we should shorten it to 150 day. This means adding 10 days so two weeks into the Christmas break, adding 5 days into March Break so two week long break and then adding 15 days, around three weeks at the end. This year school started on the 2nd of September and will finish on the 23rd of June. If we were to apply what I proposed, we would start school on the 2nd of September. Christmas Break would start on the 15th of December, and would end on the 12th of January. March break would start a week earlier on the 9th through the 20th. School would end on the 4th of June. Also instead of having two semesters with 4 courses in each, make is so that we have days instead of semester. We have 5 days an each day corresponds to day 1 through 5. And so we just keep following the cycle and it works out since the number of school day is divisible by 5. And then we have a midterm test/report card when we come back from the break before February. And we would do the finals sometime in late May. This way student will not forget anything they learned in any subject through the year. This is for high school only and plus since University is similar to this, I believe this is a great opportunity for High scholars to get a preview of University. For elementary kids, I believe that this will help kids as well since they are just starting to learn and intrigue themselves into the world of education, this will give them a better sense of the next few years that are going to happen to them. So when elementary kids get into grade 5 and 6, they should also start having different teachers for different classes as well as having to switch class room during every period, instead if the teacher coming to you. As well as telling the kids to change before and after gym. This will make it so that it doesn’t seem like that big of a change from elementary to middle to high. So to conclude this letter, I am proposing the fact that we shorten school by 40 days and we make it so that when in grade six it starts to feel like grade 7.