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Pakistani education activist Malala Yousafzai sits down with CNN’s Isha Sesay () in Abuja to discuss her meeting with Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan about the 200+ girls kidnapped by Boko Haram from their school in Chibok, Nigeria more than 90 days ago.

Malala Yousafzai talks to CNN's Isha Sesay about #BringBackO

Sesay was engaged on 5 January 2013, to Leif Coorlim, a fellow CNN staffer. They announced it to family and friends. They married in August 2013.

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ISHA SESAY, CNNI CORRESPONDENT: So let me be clear, did you come away convinced that he’s taking the abductions of these girls seriously?

The splendidly dynamic journo Isha Isatu Sesay is the current news MC of CNN News Center and Back Story broadcasted by world headquarters of CNN located at Atlanta. Besides CNN international, Anderson Cooper 360°’s show, 360 Bulletin has engaged her as its permanent exhibitor. She also represents herself as the co-host of Evening Express aired by sister network of CNN, HLN. She came into being on 6th of January, 1976 in the capital city of the UK, London. Representing the middle child between a sister and a brother of Islamic parents, she belongs to Islam religion as well. Her mother Dr. Kadi Sesay, a onetime lecturer of a college and her late father, a legal consultant to SLPMB sent her to Fouray Bay College for high school till she was 16. She then migrated back to the UK to resume her study in Trinity College of Cambridge in order to be a TV reporter, leaving behind her aspiration of being an actress.

In addition to her duties as anchor on CNN International, Sesay contributes to on as presenter of the a position she has held since 17 January 2011. The following year, she also took up the role of presenter on on . She is currently based in Los Angeles, United States.