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The modern science has achieved tremendous successes in different fields. In this respect, researches in the field of genetics are particularly noteworthy because they can start a new era in the medicine and science at large. However, today, the research of stem cells and their use in the modern medicine often confronts the opposition from the part of the public as well as specialists. In spite of a considerable progress in the stem cells research, it still remains a kind of battlefield between opponents and proponents of the stem cells research. In actuality, there are no alternatives to the further research in the field of genetic, including stem cells researches because the potential of these researches outweigh arguments of their opponents.

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Umbilical stem cells have the same properties as adult stem cells and can only be used to treat specific conditions (Stem cell research, 2009). This is due to the fact that stem cells in a fully formed human can only create the cells they are programmed to create. If a person needs to have bone marrow replaced, it can only be replaced with bone marrow stem cells, which is the most successful use of stem cells to date. In 2007, James Thomson, through the University of Wisconsin, discovered a method to force adult and umbilical stem cells to behave as embryonic stem cells and create any cell needed, called Induced Pluripotent stem cells. This method is currently not used to treat human diseases due to the fact that the patient would be more likely to develop tumors and cancer cells from these mutated stem cells (Experiment Resources, 2008).

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Stem cell research can have a significant impact on regenerative medicine and therapeutic cloning. Regenerative medicine involves the use of stems cells for the growth, either in the test tube in the laboratory or in a...

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2.) the fetus is already aborted; why waste the tissue and stem cells? / how Christians allow religion to penetrate too deeply into science here (or is this even a bad thing for a lovely spin haha)

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The stem cell formation involves several steps. Early in development, a human embryo is made up of a hollow ball of cells called a "blastocyst". Blastocyst cells divide and form into the tissues and organs of a human body. This process is called as "differentiation". Embryonic stem cells can be grown in the laboratory from blastocysts and made to differentiate into nerve, liver, muscle, blood, and other cells. Scientists believe that this would help to replace cells in diseased organs in human beings. Embryonic stem cells can also be used to test the effects of new drugs without harming animals or people. It is a life changing technique and should be allowed, however, some opponents claim it to be immoral. The opponents claim that since the cells come from embryo, therefore they are alive and extracting these cells means the death of a living organism which is immoral (Ojeda 113).