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The first six lines of this poem are factual and generally free of emotions in reference to the mirror. They provide images of the exactness and sharp edges of the mirror. The last few lines of this stanza indicate that the mirror has formed some sort of relationship with the pink-speckled wall that it must face day after day. The line that says "Now I am a lake" expresses some sort of change, because a lake is much more fluid and impermanent than a mirror. This change is the vanishing of youth in the woman, who now depends on the light of liars like a candle and the moon. The tears and the agitation of hands symbolize the frustration the woman feels when she sees herself in the mirror. The reference to the fish is a metaphor for the youth that has slipped through her fingers, like a fish might do when you try to hold it. I really don't think this poem has any underlying religious meaning to it like some people have said, that sounds like overanalyzing to me.

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