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As is the case with several artists in the exhibit, Folsom seems to be in a conversation with the Northern Renaissance. The level of detail and narrative quality within the composition is reminiscent of Pieter Bruegel. Not unlike Bruegel's "Netherlandish Proverbs," the composition to offer many lessons—not only of the potential time wasted (while wasted) in strip clubs, but also the benefits of the time-honored tradition of narrative painting.

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The reason for this is unknown. According to the painter-historian Carel van Mander who included a life of the artist in his Schilderboek of 1604, and who is the chief source of our knowledge about his life, the young Bruegel was apprenticed to Pieter Coeck van Aelst, a successful artist in the Italian style who maintained studios in Antwerp and Brussels, where he died in 1550. He will doubtless have known his master’s series of woodcuts depicting Turkish life and manners, based on drawings made in 1533. Although appearing strange to the modern viewer, they might well have influenced an impressionable young man with their rich embellishment of exotic facts – the familiarization of the strange and bizarre through the addition of circumstantial detail. In 1551 Bruegel had completed his training and became a Master of the Painters’ Guild of Antwerp. For the greater part of the following three years, however, he appears to have travelled abroad. In 1552 he was in the south of Italy, visiting Reggio, Messina, Palermo and Naples.

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