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Honor is another aspect of my personality. Honor is a necessary prerequisite for almost everything that we do today. Honor keeps deception at bay and it helps an individual in treating others with utmost respect. Honor keeps my beliefs intact and does not allow the disposition of others in clouding my own judgment. At times, just being honourable is not good enough; one has to maintain his honor by not tarnishing it.

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And sometimes it's not always about being the gregariously fun one. A person can be passively fun too. Among my two or three very best friends, I may be a boisterous one, but among larger groups, or those with whom I'm less familiar, I'm the quiet one. I'm the one who listens mostly, but can still pop out a zinger or two. People rarely forget about me, as I find other, non-verbal ways of staying in the conversation, and can be counted on to laugh at everyone's jokes. There are many small ways to convey a sense of 'funness' without acting like you popped out of a Jack-in-the-box. And if that's something that feels natural in social settings, go for it. It especially works with friends who have VERY large personalities. My husband's friend-set needed a 'passive fun' when I moved to LA (bunch of performers & comedians to the core), and I think having someone who wasn't competing for the best joke brought some balance to the group it needed.

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I'm (whatever your name is) and I have been asked to describe my personality and I think my personality is... ( then write what your personality is.)

It's the same old kernel that we always come back to with self-improvement; if you know you're doing something wrong, but have no idea how to fix it, then what? People find my "real" personality annoying or boring (or some combination of the three), but my "trying to improve" personality comes across as trying *way* too hard and ending up annoying anyway, just for very different reasons.

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This is helping me on my journey of discovery and it provides a way for me to start organizing my own thoughts and feelings into a more comprehensive personal methodology. The next step will be to integrate that methodology into my belief system/ religion/ spirituality. It will be great when I know for sure: who I am, why I am and where I am going! 🙂

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Bottom line: It depends upon your perspective on human nature. If you believe that people are biological machines driven by their genes, their brains, and their environments, then personality is simply due to variations in temperament or programming, i.e. differences in behaviour caused by nature and nurture (genetic and social factors). If you believe that people can consciously change and improve themselves to some extent, then personality includes character: a set of strengths and virtues (as well as weaknesses and vices) which we can consciously develop throughout life.

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