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Burned skin is only considered sterile the first 24 hours. The student will also need to keep an adequate diet. He will need thousands of nutrients and liquids to heal the body in order to replace those that were lost. 14. Is a deep tan a sign of skin that is healthy or severely stressed? Explain your answer. A deep tan is a sign of severely stressed skin. The deepness is a reflection of the overprotection of melanin to protect the bodies DNA of the skin. When repeat damage is done, melanin is compromised and considered useless.

Brain Blackness.

Melanin is key component to human’s development but the key component to the development of melanin is the pineal gland. The Pineal gland is located behind the third cerebral of the brain. Pineal gland is a small organ shaped like a pine cone. The pineal varies in size among species; in humans it is roughly 1cm in length. The gland is relatively large in children and begins to shrink during puberty. The production of melatonin by the pineal gland is stimulated by darkness and inhibited by light. Photosensitive cells in the retina detect light and directly signal the SCN (Suprachiasmatic Nucleus). The abundant melatonin levels in children are believed to inhibit sexual development and pineal tumors have been linked with precocious puberty, when puberty arrives melatonin production is reduced. One of the biggest roles of the pineal gland is producing hormones that have important endocrine functions. The endocrine system includes all of the glands of the body and the hormones produced by glands. The two primary hormones the gland makes are melatonin and amino acid thyptopan melanin plus on important role in the regulation of sleep cycles. It’s influenced by the dictation of light and dark by the retina of eyes. The production of melatonin is inhibited when the retina detects light and is stimulated in the absence of light. Animal and Plant life also produces...

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nerve cells and are essential for conveying energy. When Melanin is missing or insufficient in the

BLACK is the meaning of KAM ­root of Chemistry, study of the building blocks of Life. Life is founded upon CARBON, the BLACK element present in all living matter. Black carbon atoms, with other atoms link to form Black Melanin, which has "Black-Hole" properties. Black Holes are found at the center of our own galaxy and countless others. In physics, a "Black Body" is known to be a perfect absorber and perfect radiator of all forms of light and energy. This "Black Body Radiation" is at work in the Electron, as shown by Nobel prizewinner, Richard Feynman. The Electron is responsible for all "Khem-ical" changes in matter. It has been present since the creation of the Universe. Scientist Jean Charon proved the Electron has all the properties of the Black Hole, plus it exchanges "Black Photons" with other Electrons, enabling it to continuously accumulate data. This means that if we view the Electron as a carrier of memory, it has experienced everything in creation since the very beginning. Blackness is fundamental to the operation of the universe of Energy. God is the Giver of All Energy: "Blackness" (not darkness) allows the perfect reception of all wavelengths of Energy. Regarding blackbodies /blackbody radiation, a physics book shares the following: "a body which is a good reflector is a poor radiator. A blackbody...described as a perfect radiator must therefore, also be a perfect absorber. This...means simply that such a body must absorb all the radiation falling upon it. This requirement could be fulfilled by drilling a small hole in a large hollow sphere since any radiation falling on the hole would be effectively trapped inside, being reflected back and forth from the walls indefinitely without finding the exit. If such an arrangement were heated the radiation streaming out of the hole would be characteristic of a blackbody and the emissivity would be unity, by definition." 1

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Basing their beliefs largely on a speculative scientific paper published in 1983 by Dr. Frank Barr, a San Francisco physician, the melanists assert that blacks -- who indeed have more of the skin pigment than other races -- possess superior and supernatural traits that can be ascribed to the magical qualities of neuromelanin, a little-studied substance in the brain. Yet while neuromelanin is markedly different from the skin pigment, the melanists often fail to differentiate between the two and ignore the fact that all humans have similar amounts of neuromelanin. According to the melanists, neuromelanin can convert light and magnetic fields to sound and back again, and can capture sunlight and hold it in a "memory mode." Furthermore, they say, melanin granules are minicomputers that can respond to and analyze stimuli without interacting with the brain.

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Adams is a member of a loose-knit consortium of Afrocentrists and "melanin scholars" that includes Leonard Jeffries, the controversial chairman of black studies at City College in New York; Wade Nobles, a psychology professor at San Francisco State University; Asa Hilliard, a professor at Georgia State University; and other black scholars and psychiatrists. These "melanists," Ortiz de Montellano writes in the latest issue of the Yearbook of Physical Anthropology, provide a supposedly scientific explanation for the excessive claims of Afrocentrism.