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Are you shy? If so, you are far from alone admit you re stressed.. 1. Overcome fear quick and easy once you see exactly what it is some people seem to be born with the ability to overcome setbacks with relative ease..

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How to overcome stress essay

I wrote the 1st topic which was a Gandhian quote.
I believe in expressing oneself through one’s writing and especially when it comes to essays. Further, I have lost touch of writing so my writing speed has become terrible. Anyway, I loved writing it.
I began by expounding the quote and substantiating its relevance as manifested through the plethora of quotes by other eminent as well as anonymous writers. I also took excerpts from the Bible to denote the significance of the quote and the principle behind it in the spiritual realm as well.
In the body of the essay, I took examples from the lives of notable figures like Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Teresa, Abraham Lincoln, etc. who embodied the essence of the quote by carrying the flame of change in themselves and enlightening the lives of those whom they touched. I tried explaining how we can also learn from the examples of such great people and be the change that we want to see in others. I also highlighted the difficulties in trying to swim against the flow of the stream and how to overcome them. With few interesting examples of the ‘Great Salmon Run’ and the inspirational ‘Flame Story’, I concluded my essay with a challenge to the readers to be the change they want to see in others.
I think I wrote about 2250-2300 words, darkening certain words, expressions, etc. to make them catchy and the best thing was that I had time to go through it again and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it.