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Like and , German has become a classic second foreign language in the western world, as ( in the US) is well established as the first foreign language. German ranks second (after English) among the best known foreign languages in the EU (on a par with French) as well as in . In terms of student numbers across all levels of education, German ranks third in the EU (after English and French) as well as in the United States (after Spanish and French). In 2015, approximately 15.4 million people were in the process of learning German across all levels of education worldwide. As this number remained relatively stable since 2005 (± 1 million), roughly 75–100 million people able to communicate in German as foreign language can be inferred assuming an average course duration of three years and other estimated parameters. According to a 2012 survey, 47 million people within the EU (i.e., up to two thirds of the 75-100 million worldwide) claimed to have sufficient German skills to have a conversation. Within the EU, not counting countries where it is an official language, German as a foreign language is most popular in and , namely the , , , the , , , , and . German was once and, to some extent, is still, a in those parts of Europe.

In today’s day and age with the world being so competitive and converging with the process of globalization, it is important to be conversant with different cultures, languages etc. Therefore, students will be greatly benefited by studying other languages which can open up new avenues for them socially and career wise. A language that has a rich background as the German language is therefore a wise choice. As a part of the coursework, students will often be called upon to write a German essay which can be quite challenging since even in English language is not simple for some students.The best way to write a German essay is to write on something which students have learned during class instead of trying to focus on something which has not been taught. This will make it easier when selecting topics. With the familiar topic, students will be able to incorporate words and phrases which they have learned in class instead of wasting time looking for the meaning of new words. However, being explorative and venturing on to write on new topics is also a daring move, provided the student has the commitment to gather extra vocabulary on their own. Making use of a German dictionary to refer the words which they are unfamiliar with is recommended.When selecting topics for the essay, students will have a wealth of topics to select from. Germany is a country rich in history, culture and tradition. When selecting, students have to decide if they are able to handle the writing of the essay if their language skills are not up to standard. Therefore, selection of topics should be according to the student’s capabilities with the language. Students can select topics which compare German traditions with other countries and write a compare and contrast essay. Many famous people such as the Brothers Grimm, Emanuel Kant and Moses Mendelssohn are from Germany. Students can write informative based on these famous people.Link and navigaion tips for - home to lots of songs, videos, worksheets, powerpoints, links, student work and other resources on most A level German AQA topics. Viel Spaß! Find out more about what we do at Tile Hill Wood School in our languages blog site . Find all the language resources from Tile Hill on the GTN .