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Black Swan: A Film Analysis. Uploaded by Final Paper for Visual Communication Film Analysis: Black Swan by Darren Aronofsky Submitted by: Danielle. Film Analysis - Black Swan Darren Aronofsky exposed the unseen side of the art of ballet in the movie, Black Swan.. Essays Related to Film Analysis - Black. Black Swan Movie Essays and Research Papers. Search. Black Swan. Black Swan Character Analysis In the movie Black Swan. Now for the Black Swan movie analysis. That wraps up our Black Swan movie. I’m writing a critical screening essay on Black Swan for my honors film. Black Swan Film Analysis. Black Swan Film Analysis. Only available on StudyMode. Film Analysis of Black Swan Essay. Film Analysis of Black Swan The movie.

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The psycho analytic theory is a psychological theory developed by the great Austrian neurologist, Sigmund Freud which refers to the definitions and dynamics of personality development which underline and guide psychoanalytic and psychodynamic psychotherapy. Freud ceased his analysis of the brain to focus his studies on the mind and the related psychological traits that make up the mind. In this paper, the motion film the black swan is utilized as a reference to indicate the applications of the theory and its effects on personality.

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Nina, who is reaching her prime in a ballerina’s abbreviated career, has been promised a greater (read: starring) role in the upcoming season, and the lead role in Swan Lake is in her sights. While Thomas is convinced of Nina’s controlled and precise take on the White Swan, he has his doubts that she can convey the necessary qualities of the Black Swan. Nina eventually secures the lead role, pleading with Thomas, “I just want to be perfect.” But the journey to opening night has some bumps.

What beautiful dancing, so graceful and strong. Black Swan, at first sight, is an inspiring look into ballet’s hardcore world of artistry, beauty, and power. It’s all about elegance and control until, one scene after the next, you’re wondering what possessed you to watch this movie with your mother. Hey Mom, do you want popcorn? I want popcorn. I’m going to make popcorn in the kitchen. Far away. All the popcorn.Nina, a fragile and shy young woman is chosen to play the role of the swan queen, which implies that she must play both the pure white swan and her evil twin, the black swan. Nina’s quest for perfection leads her to experience the transformation experienced by the white swan in the story in her real life. The events of her everyday life therefore reflects the story of the character she takes on as a ballet dancer, which leads to confusion and as the line between fiction and reality fades and finally vanishes, It leads to apparent insanity.Underlying these themes is the idea of perfection at any cost and the good girl/bad girl tug of war—a seesaw of wills that knocks Nina off-balance psychically if not physically. We see Nina physically mutilate herself, a cinematic echo of the real-world issue of cutting—a self-destructive behavior many females turn to in order to release feelings of pain, fear, and emptiness. The simple donning of a black camisole— the apotheosis of the transition from innocent to worldly—initiates Nina into a world where drinking, drugging, and hooking up with either sex is no big deal. And when Nina literally has to fight herself to play the Black Swan with conviction and passion, we see how great a sacrifice one woman is willing to make to achieve perfection.The story is about a young female character who is a dancer. She is chosen as the head of Swan Lake production that is based in the city of New York. Nina is required to display the traits of a black Swan who depicts sensuality and cleverness as well as the traits of white swan that shows grace and innocence. She finds herself in a lot of pressure whereby her demanding mother set in motion for her to succeed while on the other hand, her dance master orders her to become seductive. Although her fascination for the ballet is common for all the other dancers, Nina obsession is causing mental and physical effects to her wellbeing.