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Roo from SemiProper had a post similar to this topic() where she talked about why she gleefully used up her favorite candle instead of saving it for a special occasion. Asking myself “do love/really like this?” before I buy anything or when deciding if I want to keep something in my home has been a HUGE help. I was able to finish a major purge last weekend that resulted in me giving away some things I never thought I’d part with, and the result is awesome. My hair/beauty products have been drastically reduced. There’s still art on the walls and a few pillows on the couch, but my house is calmer, easier to clean, and I enjoy and use everything that’s there.

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After reading Berman’s essay, I instantly thought of coloring books and crayons. As a child, our favorite thing to do is watch animated cartoons and color. Children unconsciously learn to love coloring because it is a part of their daily routine. In classrooms and restaurants there is always coloring sheets and crayons for children to color. This goes to show that even as young kids we are taught the importance of color. Every adult knows how to color because it was instilled in us. Even if you can’t color that well, the pictures you color will always look nice. Coloring books and crayons teach us what colors clothing, books, houses, and flowers should be. It is an instantaneous way to teach children the way of life in color. Coloring books and crayons will always be sold in local department stores because it is mandatory that people will be able to define things through color. This relates to Berman’s essay because it shows how color is always used and needed as kids through adulthood. People establish things through color and become interested as well.

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What is your favorite fall thing to do?

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I put the lower bound there for practical reasons. If your workis not your favorite thing to do, you'll have terrible problemswith procrastination. You'll have to force yourself to work, andwhen you resort to that the results are distinctly inferior.Clothing
Donate your duplicates, the jeans that haven’t fit in a long, long time, and those trendy items you thought would make you happy, but now reside in the back of the closet. and wear your favorite things every day.It's funny you listed "sleeping" first. For me, sleeping is something I "have" to do (ha ha). I would put "reading" as my number one favorite thing to do.Equipment
Sell the equipment, gear, or supplies from the hobby you gave up years ago and make room for your favorite hobby or interest. If sleeping on the ground isn’t your thing anymore, let the tent go and discover more enjoyable ways to explore the outdoors. How do you really want to spend your time? Make time and space for that.Toys
If your kids play with the same things day after day, those are their favorite things. Donate the rest with their help.For me, one of the most compelling demonstrations of the full potential of this kind of videographic open work is my favorite video essay: Christian Keathley’s 50 Years On. This is not the first time I have curated it: I did so at just over three years ago shortly after the video went public online. If I look back at the note I wrote then, I see that, much as I appreciated it straightaway, the unusual form of this essay made me anxious to situate its meaning within its verbal film studies thread. My first impressions weren’t inapt. In holding onto them quite so tightly, though, I believe I closed the work down. :