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Nursing is a dynamic field and health care knowledge is evolving continuously. It is extremely important for nurses to stay current and up-to-date to perform their jobs efficiently. Pursuing higher education also enables nurses to explore endless opportunities for their future in their nursing fields, management, or other specialty areas. That is why nurses decide to go back to school and further their knowledge. Attending school and working at the same time can be both challenging and stressful. To maintain a balance between the two, be productive, and successful, nurses must have efficient time management strategies. Time management, and being highly organized and motivated are essential part of the process. Time should be used effectively to help the student to attain his or her educational and professional goals. Avoiding procrastination is the first step that helps get organized. “To overcome procrastination it’s critical that you stay motivated for productive reasons. By productive reasons I mean reasons for learning and achieving that lead to positive, productive, satisfying feelings and actions” (Understanding and Overcoming Procrastination,2013). Calendars, daily planners, and any other type of organizer are great tools to help overcome procrastination. Another effective method is to chunk assignments into smaller, manageable pieces. Work on them in a daily basis and being consistent is the key. The learner should not forget to reward self and have fun activities, such as reading his or her favorite books or watching a movie after a task completion. A good support system such as family members, friends, or a life coach is a necessary part of progress.

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Personal and Professional Challenges Challenge is often viewed as a negative and rejecting word.

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