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The impact of human activity on the environment is catastrophically devastating and destructible. Assisting to that destruction is the increasing number of people that make up the worlds population today. Overpopulation is the condition of giving birth to a number of people living on earth that over exceeds the amount of space, resources and land found on our planet. According to reports from the United Nations (2007), “World population is currently growing by approximately 75 million people per year.” Such growth should be considered alarming and a possible threat to people as well as our environment. Humans all over the world must understand that these changes in population growth will foreshadow many changes in the years to come, including death. The world’s population is rapidly increasing and the necessary resources that were once in abundance such as clean water, clean air, fuel, electricity, and food are now becoming scarce. As the population continues to expand, there will be that much greater demands on our planet that will create pollution, deforestation, and atmospheric changes.

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Presentation of Gathered Data
A. Interviews
1. Annabelle Tee
“For me, overpopulation is not good… because there will be more pollution and this will result to more natural disasters forming around the world. As you can see right now, there have been many strong and deadly typhoons such as Ondoy entering the Philippines. Overpopulation, however, can result to some good things, such as our own country will progress…”

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IELTS Overpopulation Essay Many countries of the world are currently experiencing problems caused by rapidly growing populations in urban areas.

Based on the conducted interviews and the process of surfing the Internet for the data we gathered in this research, we have come to see many points of view concerning the national —or rather worldwide— issue that continues to be an increasing problem in society. Overpopulation, as we now see it, has conflicting good and bad effects to the community. On the one hand, having a lot of people means more human resources, which would be very useful for further growth of national wealth. But on the other hand, the strain on economy and natural resources will be too much for the Philippines—and eventually the whole Earth—to handle, and the world may be left in poverty and chaos, and humans will be left to the mercy of what our once more peaceful world would become.The World Overpopulation! Is it possible to know that our life is in danger because of a horrible global issue and stay silent??!! By definition, overpopulation is a condition where the number of organisms exceeds the carrying capacity of their habitat. The world population has crossed 7 billion and we are going to deal with the adverse effects of this excessive growth. Overpopulation is a serious issue, more serious than it seems to be, so we must look for some solutions for the reasons of this horrible phenomenon.Introduction
In this essay, I will present the views and evidence towards the continuing arguments and issues of population and how it is affecting the world’s population. Overpopulation is when an area's amount of residence enlarges enough so, that it can harm the environment, cause a decline in the quality of life, food and water.
In order to present this I will first carry out an investigation into the status of the overpopulation growth in Hong Kong and how it is affecting our resources. I will then look into how overpopulation impacts my daily life. I don’t believe that the population has any idea of how much of a problem this could be in the next 20-30 years and how it could affect everyone’s style of living and the amount of children everyone is allowed to have. This essay will show the main issues and topics of this crisis. The questions that I will try to answer are how are people and different governments around the world trying to deal with this issue? How will it affect the future if we do not act now? How does it affect the current population? How will it affect the world and it’s resources?

Overpopulation in Hong Kong has been a growing concern over the last several years because of the continuing attraction from Mainland China and expats all over the world. The main concern towards the growth in population from Mainlanders is that the more people that come in, the more pollution and less space. From 2008 to 2011 the population grew by over 100,000 people (Hong Kong Govt). As Hong Kong is such a small place, overpopulation should be a greater concern by all the population including the government. The overpopulation crisis that is affecting Hong Kong badly can bring a lot more issues including environmental and economical issues. Hong Kong has over 3,600 people every square kilometre (Hong Kong Govt), considering Hong Kong’s small area that is a huge number.
Over the past 100 years, Hong Kong has need...