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Chronic disease and health problems attributable to a person’s diet and a lack of physical activity represent the most severe public health threat to the United States1. Obesity, classified as …

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Some people may require support in only a few specific areas, and others require support in almost every area of life. An intellectual disability often affects a person’s communication, social, and self-care skills. It also affects a person’s ability to learn and remember. Common causes include head injuries, Down syndrome, and fetal alcohol syndrome. Intellectual disability is often associated with other disabilities as well.

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This collection explores the historical origins of our modern concepts of intellectual or learning disability. The essays, from some of the leading historians of ideas of intellectual disability, focus on British and European material from the Middle Ages to the late-nineteenth century and extend across legal, educational, literary, religious, philosophical and psychiatric histories. They investigate how precursor concepts and discourses were shaped by and interacted with their particular social, cultural and intellectual environments, eventually giving rise to contemporary ideas. The collection is essential reading for scholars interested in the history of intelligence, intellectual disability and related concepts, as well as in disability history generally.

Intellectual disability Intellectual disability, also known as mental retardation, is a term used when there are limits to a person’s ability to learn at

Hale, a man with autism, discovered the communication technique of facilitated communication (FC) when he was 36 years old and this book chronicles his life before and after he began to use FC. The narrative provides, in Charles’ voice, a fascinating and detailed insiders’ perspective to what autism feels like, how Charles’ apraxia and dyspraxia have affected his life and his communication, and how FC allows Charles not to emerge from autism, but rather, to express himself “as the intelligent, cognizant man he really is” (Source: Center on Human Policy, Syracuse University). Recommended by Cornelia Moisuk, Parent.

The aim of this assignment is to explore the role of the multi-disciplinary team when caring for an individual with an Intellectual Disability.

Mental or psychological disorders are becoming very important special concerns of the world community. Statistical data about the handicaps abound. No less than three global leaders in the health, finance and academic sectors are involved in a study for the …

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Intellectual disabilities can result from many causes. For instance, one can be diagnosed with an intellectual disability at birth due to a genetic disorder, during childhood development after being exposed to a certain pathological factor, or after being involved in …

There are different levels of intellectual disabilities that are based on IQ scores

Substance Abuse in People With Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities — Breaking Down Treatment Barriers
By Kate Jackson
Social Work Today
Vol. 13 No. 5 P. 26