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A well-analyzed essay on courage should present first of all a rich list of definitions of the term according to different dictionaries. Analyze how courage influenced on the historical events; find out about the consequences of actions of courageous people; investigate the problem of courage from literature. If you can not brainstorm creative ideas connected with real life, then dwell on the world literature and study how various writers of different historical periods presented courage in their texts. If you start to analyze these sources, it will be really difficult to stop and limit the field of the research.

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Many people have great qualities, but not too many have courage! Courage is the ability to face a fear, pain, or a difficult obstacle. With courage you can stand up for what you believe is right or wrong. When you have an ability to have courage you can face anything at anytime. Courage is also being brave for you or for someone else. Having courage can sometimes make you fearless! Making you feel like you can be unstoppable and like you can go to unthinking able measures to get what you need. Many people like, doctors, polices, and firefighters all need courage to do their job. We all need doctors, police, and firefighters in are world to help and protect us. I am courageous! I have the ability to stand up for myself, what I believe in, and what I think is right. Being courageous also makes me feel like I can get done what ever goals I’ve set for myself. Being courageous helps me believe that anything is possible if you have the courage to go out and get it. I know having courage has helped me greatly to get where I am today and to stay focus on what I need to accomplish for tomorrow.

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In today’s society, many people use the word courage incorrectly. They think words such as leadership, honesty, or doing a hard sport is courage. These things may seem courageous but really, they are not. Leadership is being a guide to others out of willingness to do so. Honesty is being truthful and sincere, it is a decision made out of maturity to do what is right. Too many people consider athletes or influential people to be courageous, but it really is not courage. It is just a famous figure influencing you to think certain things are more difficult than they are. People may think they have courage because they may show they are not afraid, but their actions do not match the true meaning of courage. It is supposed to be done without the fear of what the outcome may be. Our society has considered courage to be an easy thing to accomplish when really it is only truly done when you are passionate and willing to do the task without fear. They confuse it with things like running that much faster in a race to beat a certain time, or even something silly like having the “courage” to ask someone out. That should not be confused with real courage, that is done when you do something unexpectedly, that could be dangerous, for the well-being of others, without fear.

But there are few cases, where the common people are found to open their mouth against an unfair or unjust deed that they witness, because they lack moral courage. They are cowards without a backbone.Mahmoud Shokraye knew that creating the cartoon may land him in jail and maybe even execution and yet he still did it because he wanted to express himself. People in other countries take free expression for granted, and yet here is a man that was whipped 25 times because he made gentle fun of a politician. It is good to see that courage exists in this way, especially when people such as Mark Zuckerberg are helping to remove the rights of free expression from people that have it already.Have courage gives me the ability to stand up for myself, express my opinion, and what I believe is right or wrong. For instance, when I feel scared or like I’m being attack I stand up to the people that I feel are doing this tell them to stop or simply move myself away from these people. Also I can always say what’s on my mind or my opinion on a topic with a group of friends or strangers. If my opinion is different than the rest of the people courage gives me the strength to say that I have a different opinion then the others. Another great ability that courage gives me is the ability to express what I believe is right and wrong. In particular if I see something being done to another person such as bulling I will try to stop it the best way I can because I believe that bulling is wrong. Or another is if someone is going against saving the environment I will go against them because I believe saving the environment is only right to do.Writing about courage and bravery, remember to mention that this quality rules the world and writes the history of human civilization. Only courageous people leave their trace in history, solve and create the problems of the world. Researching the topic try to realize the role of this quality, study what other qualities possess courageous people and how they are interconnected, and finally, how to develop this trait in yourself.Courage is still used for political inspiration. Politicians and leaders all over the world call for courage; nations and groups pride themselves with the courage they show. "People still care intensely about courage- says Miller - and we're still trying to stack the deck in our own favor. Determining who has courage, what actions count, who gets the prize, is disputed now no less than in the Iliad. In our day we hear people praised for their courage for sticking to a diet, for giving up smoking, even for investing in a Silicon Valley start-up."