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Instead, there has been substantially more violence in Sweden than ever before– violence by children, violence by parents, and violence by society in general (Grusec, 1994). That being said, there is no direct link to corporal punishment being the cause of violence increase because this shows it did just the opposite. But research does show that it could be linked to something else, journalist Patricia Hersch tells of the ‘deluge of adolescent dysfunction sweeping the nation, manifesting itselfin everything from drugs, sex, and underachievement to depression, suicide, and crime’; and it is being seen in younger and younger children.

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1. It’s easy to see when corporal punishment slides into cruelty. We aren’t recommending cruelty. There is no reason for a kid to be caned, like the boy Huw in How Green Was My Valley. But my impression of how corporal punishment is meted out these days is that it is hedged round with rules that keep cruelty far at bay. What is NOT so easy to see is when non-corporal punishment slides into cruelty. We assume, far too easily, that as long as a child is not touched, cruelty is not an issue. That is an absurd assumption.

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In her studies, Gershoff found that ten of the associations increased children’s aggression, antisocial, as well as criminal behavior ( 2002). In addition, I feel that corporal punishment within the school system is unacceptable. ” Corporal Punishment: Teaching Violence Through violence” (2002), an article in the Education World, states that teachers are enforcing corporal punishment for all thewrong reason such as being unorganized with homework assignments as well as school supplies.

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Physical abuse as penalty surely works. It arouses resentments and bitterness, but it works. If a student does something wrong and gets a whipping for it, he or she will cease doing the same erroneous act again. Though it will not change the way he or she thinks, but it WILL work. The student will not understand why he or she should not behave in that particular manner, and will continue to think that he or she is right, but physical abuse can stop them from doing it again -- it definitely works. But in long-term, some people are inclined to rebel against the authority who impose corporal punishments on them. Once they can overpower the authority, they will challenge their masters. Others, like Duddy Kravitz, they get used to their punishments and cannot care less for them. Duddy gets strapped so often that he virtually asks Mr. MacPherson for it. "So when he led Duddy Kravitz into the Medical Room that afternoon, breaking with a practice of twenty years, the actual blows were feeble, and it was Duddy who emerged triumphant, racing outside to greet his classmates."

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First, it should be noticed that children at school age are sensitive and impressionable. Corporal punishment in the form of spanking, hitting, pinching and slapping would have negative influence on children. Those schools that exert physical punishment will cause physical harm on them. In this case, some reports can still be seen in newspapers. Therefore, children will resent their teachers and become disrespectful toward them. They may loss their motivation to pursue their education as a result of this negative impact. Therefore, corporal punishment will lead to a deplorable result among youths.

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In conclusion, since education system has a fundamental role on forming children’s characteristics, it is essential to consider how this system should act. According to the reasons cited above, it seems that corporal punishment does not really work as intended. Nevertheless, rabbit and stick policy would be a beneficial act to discipline children. Though, since many schools have abandoned this trend during last decade, we can be optimistic that in future there will be no schools to exert it.