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Likewise, the “coat hanger abortion” is a myth. In his 1979 book, Aborting America, Dr. Bernard Nathanson, co-founder of the National Association for the Repeal of Abortion Laws (NARAL) mentions one coat hanger abortion. However, Nathanson, who is now committedly pro-life, has publicly confessed to fabricating evidence in order to get abortion legalized. There is no hard evidence to support the performance of a single coat hanger abortion.

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I took Pollitt's book very personally; I read it as a kind of call to action, an appeal to stop letting abortion opponents fill all the available airspace. There is an incipient movement in this direction, akin perhaps to Ms. magazine's "I have had an abortion" petition, first published in 1972 and signed by such luminaries as Billie Jean King and Nora Ephron. Lucy Flores, a politician running for lieutenant governor in Nevada, and other national publications, has been frank about the positive impact of abortion on her life. A young New Jersey woman named Emily Letts and earlier this year posted it to YouTube; she did it in part to counter the antiabortion movement's successful efforts to limit abortions via state laws requiring clinics that perform the procedure to be outfitted practically like full-service hospitals; she wanted to show that the standard surgery isn't especially complicated or painful. And, most recently, in the romantic comedy , a single comedienne named Donna, after getting pregnant on a one-night stand, quickly decides to have an abortion and follows through with it (unlike in most movies, in which abortion is used as what one critic called a "misdirect" that eventually gives way to an "uplifting birth"). As Jenny Slate, the actress who plays her in the film, told The New York Times, the arc of Obvious Child is Donna's "complex experience" with terminating her pregnancy, not that abortion is a "tragedy."

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Today, Freedom X filed an in support of the lawsuit. In its brief, Freedom X poses two questions: (1) whether the Ninth Circuit applied the appropriate legal test when it concluded the law does not undermine the pro-life message of the centers, and (2) whether the law unduly chills such centers’ First Amendment protected speech rights by forcing them to promote a message they find morally objectionable.

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The emerging embryo may not have a fully developed personality, but it does have complete personhood. Nonpersonhood is perhaps the trickiest of the contemporary pro-abortion arguments. Pro-abortionists once argued that the preborn baby was not fully human. Now, however, advances in science have forced most people to concede that the “product of conception” is truly human. As a result, a new version of this argument goes something like this: “The preborn child may be a human life, but it does not possess personhood.”

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The situation you describe from Ireland wasn’t what you describe. The woman’s condition had nothing to do with her pregnancy and wouldn’t have been improved by an abortion. It was reported falsely in the media. The Phoenix situation was the same – the abortion was NOT necessary to save the woman’s life. The case in Brazil was more valid, but if I remember correctly the only issue was that the 9-year-old’s pelvis was too small for a normal delivery to take place – but even then it may have been possible to continue the pregnancy long enough for the child to be viable, and delivered via C-section.