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Driving Under the Influence-Alcohol is a widely used drug in the U.S. and accounts for a multitude of motor vehicle fatalities. Despite the fact that all states have reasonable standards for identifying the drunk driver, until recently, many states defined driving under the influence with different blood-alcohol standards. Discuss the pros and cons of the current uniform national standard to define driving under the influence. Should the Federal government mandate a lower uniform national blood alcohol level standard rather than the current 0.08% standard?
2. Drug Recognition Expert (DRE) Program-What are the advantages and disadvantages of the Drug Recognition Expert (DRE) program in the U.S.?
To receive credit for the seminar if you are unable to attend, you are required to write a 300 – 500 word paper on the seminar topic below.
Legalization of Drugs
This week we will discuss whether or not legalization would have any impact on the investigator who must process a crime scene. As you consider this issue, weigh the potential pros and cons of legalization from the perspective of the modern crime lab. You will also discuss different classes of drugs and review some of the analytical techniques used by forensic drug chemists and toxicologists to identify suspected illegal drugs.
Forensic Drug Chemistry and White Powder Identification Experiment
The forensic drug chemist routinely examines unknown white powders for the presence of controlled substances such as cocaine, heroin and methamphetamine. Sometimes the white powder is determined to be a common non-controlled substance found in most household kitchens.
In this experiment you will perform a series of tests on some of the white powders commonly encountered in the crime laboratory. You will distinguish each of the powders based upon the differences in physical and chemical properties.
· Download the Forensic Drug Chemistry and White Powder Identification Experiment.
· Complete the experiment.
· Report your results in the Unit 8 Matrix.
CJ328: Forensic Fingerprint Analysis
Answer each question with 250 word minimum
Touch DNA-You have studied some difficult surfaces for obtaining latent fingerprints in past units. What type of surface may be difficult to obtain touch DNA from? How would the environment affect this fragile evidence?
Collecting Fingerprints from a Weapon-Describe how you would collect a fingerprint from a weapon that could possibly have touch DNA on it as well. How would you collect the possible DNA? Which would you collect first?
To receive credit for the Seminar if you are unable to attend write a 300–500-word paper on the Seminar topic below.
Touch DNA Analysis

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