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4. To emphasize a point: Switching is also used to emphasize a point. Gal (1979) reports several instances in which a switch at the end of an argument not only helps to end the interaction but may serve to emphasize a point. She has taken an example from English/German code switching and stressed that switching from English to German is a means of adding more force to the statement. Meanwhile, David (2003) uses the courtroom environment to show how a defending lawyer uses dominant Bahasa Malaysia to start with and shifts to English to emphasize an important point to the judge that the accused had not committed any crime for 10 years.

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... dependent variable, as well as theoretical justification leading to hypotheses. These also compose the chapters where the relationship between language use and advertising is made most fully apparent. Chapter 6 contains the research methodology used to examine each of the research questions. Chapter 7 discusses the results of these questions. Finally, Chapter 8 8 offers the limitations and managerial implications of the findings. Directions for future research are also provided. 9 CHAPTER 2 LITERATURE REVIEW This chapter offers a review of the literature on language codeswitching, including historical and contemporary views concerning its existence and development. Appropriate anthropological examples are provided, as well as the most significant findings among the sociolinguistic and psycholinguistic literature. Finally, the state of codeswitching research in advertising is explicated. [A literature review for each of the dependent variables is provided in each of their respective chapters based on the threeessay approach to dissertation writing. Specifically, Chapter 3 deals with literature on message recall (Essay 1), Chapter 4 covers perceived cultural sensitivity of the advertiser (Essay 2) and Chapter 5 includes a discussion of the literature related to expectations of empathy and responsiveness of a service provider (Essay 3).] 2.1 Background of Codeswitching The term codeswitching has been written as two words—“code switching” or......

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Stereotyping is the practice of attributing specific personality or demographic characteristics to every person of a particular group Code switching

For the intention of conducting my project, I requested two Singlish speakers at my university (Middlesex University in London) to take part in the research and permit me to record their conversations at the university and at their residence as well. In addition, I requested them to fill a short questionnaire which I formulated for my research. I choose the university as my location of research for this topic since I felt it is the best place I could find out to what extent code-switching is applied given the diversity of the university population. My choice of the two contexts, the university and the participants’ residence is for the purpose of observing the likely variation of code-switching when in a formal place and when relaxed in an informal setting. I consider the two participants quite relevant to my research because they are Singlish native speakers, but have learned English as a second language. They are both youth at their twenties, and speak fluent English hence they code-switch regularly in their interactions at home and at school. Through their conversations, I seek to identify the instances in which code-switching occurs. Additionally, I will be able to identify any constraints that occur in code-switching and the probable reasons why code-switching occurs.

Schools require students to code switch because it helps them in the classroom and in the world. An article states that, “The idea is to help kids understand how code switching works on a grammatical level, which will... allow students to compare and contrast Black English grammar with Standard English. Studies show students who can master that do much better academically and beyond.” This text explains that students who learn the difference between the different kind of English do better academically. This also helps students understand how they need to talk to authority or when they’re trying to get jobs or things in their life they may need to use other type of ways of speaking. Code switching can benefit students while they’re in and out of the classroom.However, although bilingual speakers claim that code-switching is an unconscious behavior, research has also shown that it is not a random phenomenon. As attested by Li Wei (1998, p. 156), Sociolinguistics who have studied code switching draw attention to extra-linguistic factors such as topic, setting, relationships between participants, community norms and values, and societal, political and ideological developments influencing speakers’ choice of language in conversation.