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15 Aug 2010 The movie "Global Warming" with a Hindi voice over, tries to make the people aware regarding global warming, its causes and effects Essay On Effects Of Global Warming In Hindi in an

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You are probably wondering why the academia industry is taking the issue about global warming so seriously and asking so many students to write essays on global warming. The answer to this lies in the fact that the atmospheric temperature of the earth has been steadily rising and with this comes numerous, mostly negative, effects for the inhabitants of the earth. People all over the globe are gradually expressing their anxiety and have even taken a number of initiatives to fight this problem that affects the whole globe.

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Global warming has fast become the foremost environmental challenge facing the world to date. In the last decade, a lot of debate has arisen about weather Global warming truly exists, and if it really does exist then why. Many people believe it to be a natural phenomenon, but accurate scientific data and testing prove the existence to be a far more worrying dilemma than most understand. In this essay I will be arguing the existence of global warming at the Antarctic ice sheet and the effects