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Two different and seemingly inconsistent strategies have developed through different government policies and strategies. The first focuses on interaction and communication between different cultures; this approach is also often known as . The second centers on diversity and cultural uniqueness which can sometimes result in intercultural competition among other things and may lead to . Controversy surrounding the issue of cultural isolation includes the ghettoization of a culture within a nation and the protection of the cultural attributes of an area or nation. Proponents of government policies often claim that artificial, government guided protections also contribute to global cultural diversity. The second approach to multiculturalist policy making maintains that they avoid presenting any specific ethnic, religious, or cultural community as central.

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Problems of cultural diversity include difficulties in managing people from various backgrounds. Language may be a barrier for communication across people from different cultures. In an organization with a great deal of focus on diversity, the majority group may feel that the minority group is given attention at the expense of the majority. At the same time, where there is no cohesion among the diverse groups, mistrust and stereotyping can occur.

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Fashion is one of the most creative forms of expression and one where South Africans love to show off their diverse culture. African heritage meets Western trends in a stunning fusion on the streets of any South African city.

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broadcasts program in 10 local languages. The project by the titled "Promotion of Multiculturalism and Tolerance in Vojvodina", whose primary goal is to foster the cultural diversity and develop the atmosphere of interethnic tolerance among the citizens of Vojvodina, has been successfully implemented since 2005. Serbia is continually working on improving its relationship and inclusion of minorities in its effort to gain full accession to the European Union. Serbia has initiated talks through Stabilisation and Association Agreement on 7 November 2007.

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Australia's diverse migrant communities have brought with them food, lifestyle and cultural practices, which have been absorbed into mainstream Australian culture.

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Many nation-states in Africa, Asia, and the Americas are culturally diverse, and are 'multicultural' in a sense. In some, is a major political issue. The policies adopted by these states often have parallels with multiculturalist policies in the , but the historical background is different, and the goal may be a mono-cultural or – for instance in the Malaysian government's attempt to create a 'Malaysian race' by 2020.

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An recent opinion poll show most Poles would sooner leave the EU than be forced to accept Brussels ethical diversity dictate, I suspect so would most other countries.