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Since a punishment must inflict harm on an individual, deterrence is the only argument that utilitarians can use to defend the death penalty. The question then arises as to whether capital punishment actually deters people from committing the same crime. Jonathan Glover attempts to answer this question in his essay titled "Executions." According to Glover, the statistical evidence measuring the effectiveness of the death penalty is extremely vague. It is difficult to determine whether alterations…

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And yet it cannot be denied that one is left not entirely satisfied with this conclusion. Is it really without meaning to say that the capital per head in country A is greater than in country B? Is it meaningless to attempt to explain the higher productivity of labor in country A by reference to the larger quantity of capital combined with each man-hour of labor? It is indeed difficult to deny that we, in fact, use aggregate concepts of capital in this manner; what is the meaning to be attached to such concepts, and how do they relate to the “individualistic” concept of capital that has been adopted for the purpose of this essay?

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The discussions of the preceding chapters have paved the way for a consideration of that knotty problem, the measurement of capital. There exists a sizeable literature attempting to grapple with this problem, some writers denying that capital measurement is possible even in principle, some claiming to have discovered the “right” method to achieve such measurement, some arguing that more than one measure is required, others arguing again that no measurement problems whatsoever exist with respect to capital other than those common to all resources. Here we will attempt to clarify the major issues involved, by a consistent application of the positive approach to the analysis of capitalistic production that has been endorsed in this essay. We commence with our own discussion of the capital measurement difficulties, to be followed in the second half of the chapter by a critical survey of the relevant literature.

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Among recent writers it is Professor Dorf man who (taking up a posture of originality that does not appear to be entirely justified) has been most emphatic in treating waiting as an independent, original factor of production. He makes this way of handling the matter—which, as we have seen, Böhm-Bawerk himself rejected—the cornerstone of his rehabilitation of Böhm-Bawerkian capital theory. Clearly we have an unusual kind of divergence of opinion on this question. Some clarification of the issues involved can, we believe, be obtained with the help of the point of view upon capitalistic production that has been developed in this essay. Part of the confusion has to do with the two views concerning the production function (and hence the significance of productive factors) that were discussed in the previous chapter.