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Education is the most important aspect in people’s lives. Education is becoming even more important than it have been in the past. There are many reasons why an education is important. Education paves the way for many concepts that are instilled and taught in individuals at a young age. It can make your dreams a reality, develop personal growth, and improve quality of life. In today’s society, education is essential in order to be successful economically and socially. The benefits of education are endless. Why is an education so important? First, without an education it is hard to succeed in the modern world we live in today. At the start of a very young age, children learn to develop and use mental, moral, and physical abilities through various types of education. Education begins at home. When children are young they acquire knowledge from a teacher, a parent, family member, or those they come in contact with. We are taught by examples, how to think and behave independently. We learn to develop life skills as children such as sharing with others, learning to use good manners, and having respect for others. We learn healthy and productive ways to grow into socially active adults. It is through education instilled in us at a young age that we develop critical thinking skills, a healthy living lifestyle, and self-confidence to be successful in the modern world. Next, education can make your dreams come true. From the time when I was a child, I had dreams of becoming a teacher or doing something that would help others in a positive way. I no longer want to be a teacher, but have a dream of becoming a Psychologist. Education will open doors to attaining the training and learning experiences for brilliant career opportunities I need to fulfill my dream. Education equips us with all that is needed to make dreams come true. Education helps career development in...

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There is another type of university in Germany: the (Universities of Applied Sciences), which offer the same degrees as , but often concentrate on applied science (as the English name suggests). have a more practical profile with a focus on employability. In research, they are rather geared to applied research instead of fundamental research. At a traditional university, it is important to study "why" a method is scientifically right; however, this is less important at Universities of Applied Sciences. Here the emphasis is placed on what systems and methods exist, where they come from, what their advantages and disadvantages are, how to use them in practice, when they should be used, and when not.

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With all that said, my point is that education becomes less and less important as the student athlete moves through the K-12 and college levels. College coaches, not all, but a large majority care about game day, not about class time. So what happens to the other 99% who will never make it the professional level; why aren’t we holding these places more accountable for making sure these kids get an education. So much money is made off these kids, I mean millions of dollars. One of the most glaring and disappointing examples of how little importance is put on a formal education versus sports happened about two years ago at Florida State University. The seminoles had a member of their football team graduate as a double major in 3 years, only to be accepted into the Rhodes Scholarship Program to study at Oxford in England. The young man left the team for a year, giving up his last year of eligibility to play football. Prior to leaving the team and accepting the scholarship he had been viewed as a possible 1st round draft pick in the upcoming draft. After returning everything changed, some people seemed to resent the fact the he choose academics over sports. When he was invited to the NFL combine that year, teams actually dropped his stock on their draft day sheet because they felt like he wasn’t committed enough to football. They wanted to know how he could abandon his team at Florida State to go and study at Oxford. Really? They should have been praising this kid for his academic accomplishments first and foremost. Why wouldn’t you want this type of indiviual in your locker room?