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While an autobiographical essay might seem like a straightforward assignment, it is important to read the prompt carefully. Make certain there are no words or phrases that are unclear; if so, clarify them with your instructor. The prompt may be general, telling you to select any aspect of your autobiography to write about. However, it might also be asking for something more specific such as a personal hardship or an accomplishment. Once you understand what the prompt is asking you can begin to prepare the essay.

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As already said above, every person needs to know how to write autobiography. This task seems quite easy at a first glance, but when it comes to autobiographical essay itself it turns out but certain problems exist. Most people think that autobiography can be written in any form, unlike other essay types that have to meet high standards excepted in the academic world. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately?), autobiography should also have format, outline and meet certain requirements. This is not just a free talk about your life. You don’t have many words to describe your personality, education and work experience, social status and background, religious references, hobbies and likings etc. Very often people can write very much about early ages of their life while state no or little information about their senior or high school experience, work and volunteer experience or preferences in studies. You have to write autobiography in such a way so that readers can understand what kind of person you are.Writing a biographical essay requires following certain structure, rules and style. Here, you will find the example of the perfectly structured biographical essay that you may use as a template for your own writing.