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Intelligence, not beauty, is needed for human survival. Plus, someone who is intelligent is beautiful already regardless of outside looks. Beauty isn't just skin deep--it's how someone carries themselves with grace and intellect. Norms of beauty, if they are to be believed, would destroy the human race as hunky male models and starving, anorexic female models aren't the ones who should breed due to a thinning of the gene pool.

Learning and Intelligence [Online]. Accessed 4/18/01: . Quoting from the Website:

I never met you so I can’t verify or refute your superior intelligence
or lack thereof. What is more likely is that somewhere there is a man
with career aspirations thwarted to make room for you. Of course, I
could be wrong, as I don’t know you and more than likely never will. As
for your hero lying in bed next to you. I’d say there’s at least a 70%
chance of you making a cuckold out of him somewhere along the line.
White knights are a dime a dozen, even to intelligent, successful high
income women like you. One last thing. I bear you no ill will, but just
be aware that when the collapse comes, and it will, your beta boy white
knight is going to need lots of help from men like me. The kind of man
you probably wouldn’t spit on.

Beauty and intelligence are both inherited traits.

  Intelligence Quotient? For many years schools and businesses have held someone’s

Have you ever been depressed because you thought you was ugly? Well, being beautiful and ugly is unimportant. Instead, you can be intelligent, funny, talented, and smart. This will be more valuable than beauty. Good looking people may be beautiful and handsome, but that doesn't mean they are full of happiness. Lastly, beauty doesn't last forever. Someday, it will fade away slowly. In conclusion, I think it is better to be intelligent than beautiful. Thanks for reading. *^^*

Today’s society has the wrong obsession; the latest trend and trying to become the unrealistic image of “beauty.” We seem to forget the wealth of human knowledge and wisdom. In the present world, there are many ways to buy beauty in the form of facial and plastic surgery, whereas medical treatment cannot enhance one’s mind to become more acute and perspicacious. The current generation needs to perpetuate the intelligence level, not ignorance, for the sake of everyone and the future.Physical beauty is the qualities of a person that others can actually see. In other words, physical beauty is the same as one’s appearance. The qualities of physical beauty are things such as one’s hair, facial features, clothing, body type, and skin type. Most people that refer to someone as beautiful are labeling a person in this way because of their physical beauty. Physical beauty is how pretty or handsome a person is. It is also the perception that people have on others. Although one person may think someone is physically beautiful, others may not agree. This is because beauty is a quality that gives pleasure to one’s mind; therefore, because everyone has his or her own mind, one person may find someone attractive while another person may not find them attractive at all. In addition, physical beauty is the beauty that the majority of people worry about. When looking for a potential girlfriend or boyfriend, very few people date, or marry someone that they do not find physically beautiful. Therefore, physical beauty plays a giant role in today’s society where appearance is far more important than one’s personality or attitude.