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Nursing Assessment

Taking the history of a patient is a crucial aspect of patient assessment and treatment. A good history can mean the difference between a successful patient outcome and unsatisfactory outcomes. However, taking a complete and useful history is a skill that is developed by means of training and practice; it is not some talent that is innate (Bickley & Szilagyi, 2007; McKenna et al., 2011). According to Craig (2007) nurses are increasingly being asked to take patient histories. Given these growing responsibilities nurses need training and guidelines to taking an adequate patient history. The following is a summary and critique of Craig, L. H, (2007), A "Guide to Taking a Patient's History" in Nursing Standard, volume 22, issue 13, pages 42-48.

Craig (2007) takes a comprehensive approach to explaining the interview and history taking process. This approach is applicable for most any patient population; however, Craig does not……

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2 Assessment in child and family social work CHAPTER SUMMARY This chapter provides a general overview of assessment in child and family social work, placing it within. MSW SELF ASSESSMENT an essay paper. Have you found your field experience in social work to be a fit for you as a social

Your search returned over 400 essays for "assessments"

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Telephone Customer Service epresentatives

Employment Assessment - Telephone

How do you interpret the reliability results for the clerical test and work sample? Are they favorable enough for the company to consider using them for keeps in selecting job applicants?

A primary objective of evaluating two new methods of assessing candidates for positions as telephone customer service representatives for the Phonemin Company is to improve the caliber of the employment pool from which new hires are selected. The participation of customer service representatives in the telephone ordering system of the company is critical to this endeavor. Moreover, the company will be adding roughly 40 employees to the call center in order to meet the anticipated growth in phone order sales. From this, it is readily apparent that effective means of assessing candidates for the positions of telephone customer service representatives is needed. The reliability figures for the current employee candidate system,……

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This 14-year-old male is currently in the ninth grade. In the demographic portion of the test, he identifies "restless/bored" as the problem that is troubling him the most. A tendency toward avoiding self-disclosure is evident in this adolescent's response style. This nondisclosure may signify characterological evasiveness or an unwillingness to divulge matters of a personal nature, problematic or not. Also possible are broad deficits in introspectiveness and psychological-mindedness, owing to either emotional impoverishment or thought vagueness" (Millon 2005).


As evidenced in the above, sample assessment, the Millon devices are all-encompassing, giving a diagnosis and analysis of a multitude of different factors relating to an individual's state of mental health. A statistical recording of all responses and how they correlate to different mental health conditions is included and incorporated into the assessment. The assessment can make judgments about an adolescent's developmental state, as for example the above 9th grader's lack……

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Assessment is a hot topic in higher education today, and in interviews with search committees and administrators alike, it’s possible you’ll be asked about it, especially at public institutions. But what is assessment and how should you talk about it during interviews? Here’s how to prepare and, more importantly, how to consider the role you want assessment to play in your teaching.

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T as instruments of education policy and practice is growing. Throughout the school years, tests are used to make decisions about tracking, promotion or retention, placement, and graduation. Many teachers use tests or assessments to identify learning differences among students or to inform instructional planning. Widespread public concern to raise education standards has led states increasingly to use large-scale achievement tests as instruments of accountability (National Research Council, 1999a). Given their prevalence in the education system as a whole, it is not entirely surprising that the use of tests